CCTV Installation

We offer cctv systems installation and maintenance services.

Burglar Alarms

We offer wired and wireless alarms; commercial, residential and scaffold alarms.

Computer Service

We offer a Computer repair , service and maintenance.

CCTV installation


Our experienced installers for years design and implement the most effective CCTV systems throughout the UK. Priority to always put a flexible approach to the customer – for each of the systems approach with the utmost care and professionalism. We have extensive experience in building large video installation supervision. We also minor observation systems, consisting of a single camera.experimental animation of plasticize puppets was created employing a time lapse video recorder? these days, the traffic police in several cities of the globe ar victimization these video police work devices to produce an entire analysis of traffic flow on town roads.

Burglar Alarm Installation


We offer design and installation of alarm (Intrusion) in apartments, houses, businesses, as well as external systems (based on the analysis carried out by us threats) Alarm systems are made in the technology standard (wired) and wireless (fast installation without the need for destroying walls) . We offer maintenance and warranty service performed by our systems, and alarms present. We sell and supply devices.For regular customers and the installation contract discounts. We prefer reputable systems, TEXECOM, but also install alarms other companies, such as DSC, , RISCO, GALAXY, VISONIC, ADT and others.

Computer Repair Service. 

Laptop Service

Bull Security Repair and Maintain Laptops, Computers and mobile Devices. Service We offer:  Callout Service for Same Day Computer repairs, screen replace, power socket repair, virus removal, speedup your computer, All Work Carried Out On-Site, Low cost repair,  No Fix No Fee, warranty for every repair, No Callout charge, No hidden charges. We Also Do web design service, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Bespoke mobile friendly design.We’ll create a unique design layout, make sure your Business site is optimised and create a professional logo if you need one. We’ve helped lots of clients transform their business website so why not let us improve your online website too?

Summer is the time when burglars collect the greatest toll

Summer is the time when burglars collect the greatest toll. Intelligent video surveillance systems are the ideal solution to home security. They observe, detect and notify hazards. Which to choose? Being on leave everyone wants to be sure that the accommodation is safe and well protected. Ideally, someone was watching them. Until recently, he held the role of guardian of such a kind-hearted neighbor, but modern technology offers reliable solutions. Intelligent monitoring devices are now inexpensive, easy to use and readily available. Monitoring of the apartment Type of monitoring should be adapted to the conditions in which you work. Residents of blocks need to protect primarily the specific room. For example, the bedroom, where valuables are kept. Experts involved in the protection of property emphasize that the best solution in this situation are IP cameras. So the device that can connect to the Internet. Intelligent monitoring devices allow you to preview the image at any time from any place on earth. Additional features, such as built-in motion sensors ensure that the recording will start only when a threat is detected. – Recorders of this type are often camouflaged in alarm clocks or other everyday objects – says Adrian Klimowicz, an expert. Bullsecurity safety. – Thanks suspicion of a burglar, and we can be alerted quickly and on time to call the police. House under control Another innovation are the devices to warn against a number of different events. For example, the presence of an intruder and fire. Owners cottages willing to use modern camera in your smoke alarm. This is due to the simple installation of equipment, easy operation...

Access control as a proven major property protection

Commercially available access control systems are characterized by not only a modern look, but also trouble-free operation and many useful features. Offered in the market are complex systems that enable a full service sports facilities with particular emphasis on the specific nature of football stadiums. The possibilities of this type of systems abound. This is made possible as access control, sales and distribution of tickets at ticket offices, ticket booking through the website and physical access control fans access to the object. In the latter case, the application gateway are already mentioned. An important role is played by the monitoring and recording of video images. Operating Systems sports facilities are able to handle electronic identification cards for personalization Fan visual and electronic coding. It is useful to also include the sale of goods and services other than tickets at certain points of sale. Of course you can create reports of the criteria selected by the user. It is worth noting that the competition among the companies alarm systems entails the need to reduce the prices of individual devices. This state of affairs will, in turn, a higher level of interest in cheaper devices, but of inferior quality. Analysts estimate that the market for safety systems valued at about $ 1 billion. Half of the industry is bound to the installation of systems. Several years ago, an alarm system was considered a luxury good character. At the moment, installations of this type are an indispensable element of single-family homes, apartments and businesses. In addition, the market stimulates the need for modernization, replacement and modernization of the individual components of the...

CCTV Installers

When choosing the right camera model is often guided by the possibility of adjustments to various operating conditions. Of course, more advanced models have more capabilities, simpler devices keep some parameters fixed.However, to take full advantage of the data set, refer to their action, the impact of the quality of the picture, what positive and negative. Such knowledge will help you achieve the best practical result of the camera.The impact of changes on the example of ACTi cameras, but they refer to other types of cameras from different manufacturers.Resolution The basic parameter demonstrating the quality of the image is the resolution. It tells about how many points made up the whole picture. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the better the image quality, or a larger area monitored. In contrast, this entails also a greater demand for bandwidth and increases the volume of recorded material. Popular this CIF resolution (320 x 240), VGA (640 x 480), D1 (720 x 576), SXGA (1280 x 1024), UXGA (1600 x 1200), etc.Comparison of typical resolutionrate Parameter talking about how many frames are transmitted per unit of time. The more the image is smoother. In a televised PAL is 25 frames per second, which is considered as an image without effect poklatkowości. However, in practice, the 25 frames, and only 5 to 10, which is due to less demand for bandwidth, and the lack of requirement for greater speed. Of course, in special cases need high speed, even at 100 frames per second, but such solutions are not popular. Reduced speed is used to control the crowd, higher (25) to control the behavior of...


Bullsecurity specialise in providing professional security solutions for London, and the Home Counties: Brentford, Hounslow, Surrey, Ealing, Kensington, Fulham, Derby. We come highly recommended by our clients and have the experience, skills and accreditations to ensure that your security requirements are met to high quality.

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