burglar alarms installation in London

How intruder alarms work?

Modern alarm systems are integrated into the device telling us about all the activities in our home, apartment or business. Objects with professional alarm system connected to our Central Monitoring Station is currently the best protection on the market. The alarm system is a set of devices for the most secure facility against burglary, fire or other danger. In systems alarm burglary is most often used passive infrared sensors that respond to movement (PIR) and magnetic sensors (reed) placed on windows, doors, garage doors. Sensor excitation activates the alarm system and the situation of the system connected to the central monitoring station intervention the intervention group. The mostly armed disarmed by keying in a special code set by the user.

Burglar Alarm Installer

Bullsecurity wireless intruder alarm systems are a fast and efficient solution to protect your landed property. This  2-way wireless alarm system is designed for the residential and small business that provides more than your standard home intruder alarm. The system supports GSM and landline communication, which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely. In the event of an alarm, the PIR is automatically activated and which it sends to users via the Smartphone. This capability enables users to Disarm the system or confirm if there is a crime in progress. The alarm is easy to install, can be managed by you smartphone  and gives peace of mind, and therefore provides benefits for installers, monitoring stations and user. Our wireless security system can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories that provide additional protection against theft as well as protection against environmental hazards and providing elderly care.(Panic Button)

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Wireless Burglar Alarm

The alarm system operates on a “tip on a cell phone.” It is characterized by a small degree of complexity so that any user can easily jump-start protecting your home, office, warehouse. Practically after receiving emergency kit can in five minutes to make a professional security of our belongings saving on installation costs. The entire system is wireless, no need to put on the walls of cables. Therefore, if you forgot to include in the plans of your home alarm system, you now have the opportunity to install it noninvasive. You save time, money for home repairs, painting and hammering the walls. After arming the system will keep you informed of any not set up your entrance to the protected object. So you have direct information about the fact of burglary or breach your area. No longer have to pay a subscription for protection. Alarm calls you after 3 months of use. The alarm also has features for more advanced users, the ability to connect external sensors, control external devices, eavesdropping, remote control alarm system using SMS commands or  smartphones.

GSM Burglar Wireless Alarm System
Gsm Intruder Alarm System

Home Protection

BULLSECURITY is a fully functional alarm system do with the English voice commands designed for installation in small office buildings, residential or commercial. Equipped with a GSM module enables remote notification to the max. 3 alarm phone numbers and full control panel via a mobile phone. So we have full control over your security our business. Recommended system is reliable and easy to use. Thanks to its ease of use and installation does not require the expertise of the installer. The system can be freely extended with additional sensors Gas, Smoke Movement.


  1. – English voice commands
  2. – Wireless and wired alarm accessories
  3. – Full control of the system via mobile phone (voice and SMS)
  4. – Ability to edit the notification SMS
  5. – Ability to automatically arm / disarm
  6. – The ability to listen, through built-in, sensitive mikroofon, as well as communication