The original and still the main purpose of installing CCTV is to improve safety. CCTV systems installed in banks, shops, post offices, and other smaller properties accessible to the public can help recognise the face, and thus the identity of the person trying to rob these institutions or persons in the area covered by the monitoring of these places. CCTV systems may also be used to aptly reproduce the course of these events.
We can offer high quality NVR’s allow from 1 to 64 cameras, quick search facility, USB Downloading of Video evidence, view images on your Android/Iphone mobile or iPad

What to look for?
  Individuals and institutions who want to build a monitoring network usually give priority to the lowest price of the investment. However, the low initial price may within a few years of use be due to frequent replacement of damaged system components much higher than if we had originally invested in the equipment more expensive but better quality. And considering the possible losses such as burglary, theft, or downtimes resulting from a failure installation price may even be several times higher. In this case fits the saying: “cunning loses twice

The main Device of your CCTV system is your Recorder, which records onto internal Memory. All the cameras go back to this Hub. There any many brands of recorder available, all different in ability and quality.

 Device Options

  • HDD size, this will ultimately dictate how long you can record for, 14, 30,60,90 days.
  • Frame per second, this will set the speed you record at, options may be 15 fps – 30 fps.
  • CD-DVD writer, USB port, for downloading of evidence.
  • Networking, for viewing pictures on a PC, phone or remotely from abroad .
  • Motion detection, set areas of concern and be alerted when movement is detected.
  • Telemetry, for control moving cameras such as Pan / tilts and zoom.
  • Alarm inputs, connect PIR to detect intruder.
  • Search facility, quick and easy searching for events.
  • Multi-Split screen, this will enable cameras to be viewed at the same time on split screen.

Existing older systems may have tape recorders or a device which is dated; we can supply and install just a replacement recorder to work with your existing cameras.

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