Monitor your carer or family member.

Thinking about using a hidden camera or other equipment to monitor someone’s care? If you think about monitoring your carer, it’s probably your sixth sense tells you something that requires attention or just to confirm that you are wrong. In both cases worth to have an eye on someone’s care.

We have variety of the system that you can choose to prevent or prove that service is required from the carers is not right, or maybe you have someone with dementia who is often forgets to switch off the gas, water or lights, the system we use can inform you of any event and prevent water, gas leak or fire.

So how does it work the system we use can be adapted to individual needs because, every person has a different degree of disability, so I will try to briefly introduce it on a few examples:


For people who should not move alone and who sometimes doing it at night or sleepwalking use special mats on both sides of the patient’s bed when the person standing on the mat during the hours when no one is near will be sent a signal for mobile phone to several people at the same time.

People with dementia who often forget to turn off the everyday use appliances or turn off gas hob or the water in the bathroom we have a set of sensors that are able to fast and efficient way to detect the danger and notify the appropriate people are quickly notified will be able to prevent the tragedy.

Sometimes in the care of our loved ones are involved third parties such as nurses carers or other person to have full control over we need to ask, but this is not always possible. Due to the degree of disability, problems with memory, or simply older people do not want complaints consist of different concerns.

For the above mentioned cases a good solution is to establish a monitoring system which aims to record each visit of the personnel which is later to inspect and is designed to prevent a situation where a carer refer incorrectly to the patient or bully mentally or physically, such evidence in the form of recordings from CCTV is used later as evidence in court.

Now you thinking it probably will cost you a fortune if so then I have to tell you you’re wrong because you don’t have to buy anything from us all system will be provided for free as long as you need it for as little as £25 a month and we will give full maintenance every year and warranty in case of any damage and after the contract ends we will simply take all the equipment so you haven’t waste any money.

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