CCTV Installation

We offer cctv systems installation and maintenance services.

Burglar Alarms

We offer wired and wireless alarms; commercial, residential and scaffold alarms.

Computer Service

We offer a Computer repair , service and maintenance.

CCTV installation


Our experienced installers for years design and implement the most effective CCTV systems throughout the UK. Priority to always put a flexible approach to the customer – for each of the systems approach with the utmost care and professionalism. We have extensive experience in building large video installation supervision. We also minor observation systems, consisting of a single camera.experimental animation of plasticize puppets was created employing a time lapse video recorder? these days, the traffic police in several cities of the globe ar victimization these video police work devices to produce an entire analysis of traffic flow on town roads.

Burglar Alarm Installation


We offer design and installation of alarm (Intrusion) in apartments, houses, businesses, as well as external systems (based on the analysis carried out by us threats) Alarm systems are made in the technology standard (wired) and wireless (fast installation without the need for destroying walls) . We offer maintenance and warranty service performed by our systems, and alarms present. We sell and supply devices.For regular customers and the installation contract discounts. We prefer reputable systems, TEXECOM, but also install alarms other companies, such as DSC, , RISCO, GALAXY, VISONIC, ADT and others.

Computer Repair Service. 

Laptop Service

Bull Security Repair and Maintain Laptops, Computers and mobile Devices. Service We offer:  Callout Service for Same Day Computer repairs, screen replace, power socket repair, virus removal, speedup your computer, All Work Carried Out On-Site, Low cost repair,  No Fix No Fee, warranty for every repair, No Callout charge, No hidden charges. We Also Do web design service, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Bespoke mobile friendly design.We’ll create a unique design layout, make sure your Business site is optimised and create a professional logo if you need one. We’ve helped lots of clients transform their business website so why not let us improve your online website too?

Security Cameras Installation

Installation of CCTV cameras – Setup Guide Manual installation of the cameras is to provide the most optimal method of installing CCTV cameras. Not only is the focus and the corresponding field of view have influenced the later image quality but also the mounting position of the camera, lighting, and a number of additional factors. Vandal-proof and simple The first major issue is the installation of vandal-proof camera. As usual the camera does not need to apply much attention to how to mount the camera vandal-proof so this factor is very important. The most common mistake is to install cameras eg. On a concrete wall mounted well on long pins but is next to a plastic airtight tin or control connections from the OSD menu. Such an assembly unfortunately pointless since you damage the can to stabilize the camcorder. The best solution is to mount the camera so that the wires coming out the other side of the wall, for example, were not supplied. Plastic tube. If this option is not a good way is a notch in the wall of circle-hole saw room for wires and then cover the hole the camera itself. In this way, fixed camera may deserve to be called a vandal in another case assembly is pointless. Installing the camera (mounting height) A very important factor is the mounting location of the camera. First, avoid mounting heights greater than 4 m and possibly as low as possible. Mounting height has tremendous impact on image quality and viewing angle. A camera mounted at a height of 8 meters indeed be difficult to destroy but will...

Steps of Alarm System Installation

When installing and operating the wireless system must comply with the following principles: the battery in a wireless device installed just before registration in the system; wireless device has no communication with the control panel for more than 10 minutes to consume more energy, which shortens the battery life; wireless devices should be installed only after the control panel when it is possible to check the level of the transmitted radio signal – can not be less than 40%; If the desired location the signal level is too low, select another; sometimes enough to move the device a few inches; only after obtaining an optimal level of radio signal device can be mounted on a permanent basis; wireless devices should be mounted high, because it provides a better range of radio communication and eliminates the possibility of accidentally covered by the occupants of the room. how an alarm system notifies an unusual event? The simplest form of reaction system into a unique situation prevailing in the protected object is to start signaling devices (sirens): optical (traffic light), acoustic (with buzzer) or opto-acoustic (combining both forms of signaling). Signals can be mounted indoors or outdoors. The role of the external sounder is to attract the attention of persons likely to respond to emergency situations, internal – mostly bewilderment intruder intensity sound unpleasant to the ear. In advanced systems, this is not enough, so they are equipped with mechanisms and devices for monitoring and notification. The control panel sends the appropriate signals to the receiving device in the monitoring station operated by the security agency. Information collected by the station are...

Burglar Alarm Installation London

  More and more common, is associated with the rule of motion sensors in rooms keyboard at the door and the siren on the wall. Undoubtedly, these are the basic elements, but it is much more complex installation. The purpose of the system is the response to an alarm event and getting messages about this to interested parties. For this purpose it is necessary to: – Detection of alarm events This is the main task of the sensor system. Depending on the design, they will react to different phenomena: the movement of people in front of them (motion detectors), opening doors and windows (so-called magnetic detectors. Reed), an attempt to destroy doors and windows (vibration detectors), break windows (glass break detector ). There are of course also other types of detectors, but the groups presented here are undoubtedly the most commonly used. It should be emphasized that there are no clearly detectors detect “bad intentions” – motion detector, for example, is not able to distinguish an intruder from the inmate, and therefore the same detectors are not able to create a properly functioning alarm system. – Warning and alarm notification signaling The state of emergency shall notify the most alarm sirens. They are installed on the outside, as a rule in place, in which they can draw the attention of the environment and help identify hazardous place. Signals such, in addition to the emission of a loud sound, are equipped with so-called. optical signaling, the function of which is to attract attention, even if you can not hear the alarm. A completely different strategy notification of alarm event is...


Bullsecurity specialise in providing professional security solutions for London, and the Home Counties: Brentford, Hounslow, Surrey, Ealing, Kensington, Fulham, Derby. We come highly recommended by our clients and have the experience, skills and accreditations to ensure that your security requirements are met to high quality.

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