We offer you the security door. 

Our offices in London there are places where you can address any questions regarding our offer, because here is the headquarters of our company. We provide you with products made from sustainable materials based on international safety standards. Our products are based on innovative design solutions that provide a perfect protection against unwanted intrusion. In addition, display optimal thermal insulation properties and high resistance to weather conditions. Are you interested in durable and well made security doors? Call 07897 65 65 73

Security Windows

Hermetic glazing 1.0, consisting of two glass panes
Fill with inert gas – argon – having thermal insulation properties
Unique precious metal oxide layer sputtered on the surface of the glass, increases thermal insulation glass while reducing the so-called. the effect of dirty curtains. Ability to perform soundproof windows version
laminated glass Constructed from two float glass panes with a thickness of 4 mm, joined together by two (glass P2) or four (P4 glass) PVB films burglary Featured homes are particularly vulnerable to burglary
Durable steel strike several times, 4-pound ball. Provides protection against sharp pieces of glass during the break glass (not scatter pieces, but are kept in a layer of film)

Armored locks are designed for the front door, which requires a high level of protection.

Requirements castles single point defined by the PN-EN 12209: 2005, and the castles multipoint – pre norm prEN 15685: 2009. According to the guidelines of these standards locks are classified in terms of range, durability and resistance to burglary.Single or multi-point locks for doors aluminum or steel certified, Compliance with the PN-EN 12209 for the highest class of security -7- and resistance to drilling and the highest burglary resistance class C. Locks with hardened swivel and hook bolts and locks with deadbolts pin XLR Plugs for robust door.

Locks automatically locking doors and locks electromotive controlled by accessories such as remote controls, proximity sensors, fingerprint readers, and a numeric keypad.